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Welcome to Commitment Child Care Staff. In terms of recruitment with a specialisation in the child care industry, we’re the new kids on the block. We are passionate about looking out for the interests of employers and our mission is to unite them with the right staff for their business.

In working with us, there are no proxies and no forgotten calls. Our Director has over 30 years of experience running multiple centres and fully understands how difficult finding ‘quality’ staff can be.

We know that it isn’t always about the qualifications, but about personality, passion, a willingness to ‘go the extra mile’ and being the ‘right fit’ for the right role. Let us take all the hassle away and bring to your service exactly who you need.

We’ll do the hard work, and at the end of the day, you’ll get to choose the staff member that is best for your business – it can’t be easier than that!

To move forward, please fill out this form. Give us as much detail as you can about what you’re looking for. We’ll then be in touch with you directly to further discuss your needs.

We look forward to working with you.

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