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Our Fees and Charges


We are the cheapest recruitment agency around specialising solely in the Child Care industry (as far as we know!). On average, most companies charge between 10-20% of a staff member’s annual salary (including superannuation).Example:

An ECT might typically earn $80,000. 00 p.a. +
9.5% superannuation $7,600. 00
Total annual earning $87,600.00 p.a.

For many recruitment agencies charging 20%, this would result in a $17,520 fee being payable on placement of a successful candidate. From where we stand, $17,520 is a lot of money. When you’re on a strict budget, this becomes unaffordable. Even if the fee charged was 10% of the staff member’s salary, this would still be $8,760.

Our base rate, by contrast? 6%. In the above example, this would only be equivalent to $5256 upon  a successful hire. We believe in fair, transparent and manageable billing without compromising on service quality. When you sign with us, you know what you’re getting from the very beginning.

Child care Staff Fees and Charges